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Distance Learning Tuition

Are you staying far away from our center ?

You are unable to commute your children to our weekly classes, as you are caught with tight work schedule.

These are some of the grouses that we have gathered from parents over the years. After much thought and diligent planning, we have formulated a solution for you.

You are absolutely right !

Why should the above mentioned reasons be the stumbling block that denies your child the opportunity in getting the best available tuition guidance which assures quality teaching.

You can now enrol your children for our Distant Learning Tuition. This is the ultimate solution which you have awaited for long. Through this program, we bring the tuition class to your doorsteps.

What is in stored for you via this program ?

    You are able to benefit through our :
  1. Monthly tutorial materials
  2. Concise, easy to use and simplified notes system
  3. Periodic assessments accompanied with report card to parents
  4. Tutorial sessions handled by our very experienced in-house tutors
distance learning

For further enquiries, please get in touch with our academic consultants @ +6012-680 5900 or +603-7783 4030, or complete the enquiry form and wait for us to contact you at the soonest time possible.

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