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Rakan’s Ex-Students' Club (Rakan Alumni)

Greetings to all our ex–students!

We extend our heartfelt welcome to you. Congratulations on your endeavours and achievements acquired to date.

It gives us great pleasure in welcoming you to be part of Rakan’s Alumni.

This is a prestigious club formed only for ex-Rakanians’.

"Once a Rakanian, Is Forever a Rakanian"

We have established a platform for you to interact and socialize among one another via our Rakanian student's club. Through this club, you can keep in touch with one another be it, with Rakan teachers, the management or with other Rakan students of your batch. By doing so, you are able to keep the good moments and thoughts alive .

As you register to become a member, you tend to benefit from a variety of fantastic events and goodies in stored for you, ranging from trips, dinner & dance, gala nite, lucky draws, gifts, opportunity to make money, participate in forum among Rakan community and lots more awaiting you.

Please alert other Rakanians' whom you know off, as we can form a dynamic social network together.

We seek your cooperation in realising this effort by simply completing the member form on the lower part of this page.

Registration is FREE.

Do keep us informed of your latest mailing address, contact details (telephone number and email address) and do upload your latest photo as well.

We will then update our records and take necessary steps to contact you immediately. We will keep you informed of our planned events which allows you to remain connected with Rakan’s vibrant and happening community.

How do you qualify to be our ex-student?

You must fall into one of the below outlined categories. Only then, you are able to register yourself to be a member of this prestigious club.

i) Have attended any of Rakan’s tuition classes.
ii) Joined Rakan’s Crash Course, Final Exam Revision course or School Holiday Programs.
iii) Registered for any of Rakan’s seminars
iv) Participated in any of Rakan’s programs or events that was conducted in Rakan center, or locations other than Rakan centers.

Register your membership now! Rakan's Ex-Student Club Member Form

We would tally your details provided with our existing student’s database. If your details do not match with ours, then your application will automatically be rejected as this club is strictly meant for Rakanians’ only.

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