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Student Placement for Higher Education

Student Placement for Higher Education
(Institutions of Higher Learning can contact us to advertise here)

This service is available to all i.e, both Rakan and non Rakan students.

We provide students free counseling and placement opportunities for their advancement in higher education.

This is possible as we have a good working relationship and are closely affiliated with several local and international colleges, universities and university colleges.

We assist students in giving options and professional advise in choosing the most suitable career path after considering their financial standings, attained results as well as their interest at large. We also advise students/parents on scholarship opportunities and funding options to support with their course fees and other expenses. We are able to link your child with our ex-students who might be studying in the same college or university of your selection.

Do complete the form below and wait for our consultants to contact you within 48 hours. If you are not contacted by then, please call us directly @ +6012-680 5900 to arrange for an appointment.

The range of courses to be considered includes:

  1. Certificate
  2. Diploma
  3. Higher Diploma
  4. Executive Diploma
  5. Degree
  6. Masters Degree
  7. Professional Degrees / Courses

The range of field of study available includes:

  1. Medicine and all field of medicine – Pharmacy, Dentistry, and etc
  2. Engineering and all field of engineering – Chemical, Civil, Electrical,
  3. Mechatronics, and etc
  4. Law
  5. Nursing
  6. Architecture
  7. Business
  8. Banking & Finance
  9. Marketing
  10. Information Technology (IT)
  11. Programming
  12. Basic Science
    1. Chemistry
    2. Physics
    3. Biology
    4. Mathematics
    5. Statistics
    6. Biotechnology
    7. Genetics
    8. Botany
    9. Zoology
    10. Marine Biology, and etc
  13. Accountancy
  14. Security / Risk Management
  15. Actuary
  16. Musical
  17. Performing / Creative Arts
  18. ACCA / CIMA / LCCI
  19. Bridal / Hairstyling
  20. Computer Studies
  21. Designing Courses

And many others

Some examples of courses and their respective institution of higher learning:

Medical Degree in Indonesia or Irish International University, and etc.

MBA - University of London

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