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Tuition Scholarship for Students

It is our way of contributing back to the society especially to those less privileged ones. Why should they be denied of the opportunity in getting the best guidance?

This scholarship is made available to deserving students whom parents are in the low income category (below the poverty level) and financially unsound. It is made available every year to limited students only.

The scholarship is in the form of discounts or waiver on tuition fees offered to selected students to study at Pusat Tuisyen Rakan.

The prerequisite criteria to be met before applying includes:

1) Malaysian citizen who is studying in a government school
2) Totally unable to pay for his / her tuition fees
3) Parents combined income is less than RM1000 a month
4) Attain good grades in school exams
5) Has a burning desire to excel in his/her studies

Candidates who qualify to all the above mentioned terms can apply for the scholarship now. He/She will need to attend for an interview.

All decision pertaining to the issuance of the scholarship totally falls within the discretion of the management of Pusat Tuisyen Rakan.

The management of Pusat Tuisyen Rakan reserves all right to discontinue the scholarship awarded at any time without reasons or prior notification whatsoever, if:

i) Any part of the information of the application is found to be untrue or falsified
ii) The student fails to show an exemplary attitude while at Pusat Tuisyen Rakan
iii) Student’s scores drop below the 55% benchmark

All decision made by the management is final and incontestable.

Please contact our academic consultants @ +6012-680 5900 for further details.

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